The Only Water Ionizer with BEAUTY and BRAINS…Get the Best Water Ionizer Benefits​

What do you want in a water ionizer?

-Health benefits? …Check! -Beauty in your kitchen?...Check! -Powerful?...Check! -Easy to use? Check! -State-of-the-art?...Check

Tyent’s Story

Tyent’s goal is to make sure that every customer, no matter what part of the country they were from, had the cleanest and healthiest water available. We accomplished our goal and our customers continue to drink our pure healthy water every day.

Tyent offers specialized filters based on your unique water type. Plus, every one on staff is a certified water expert.

Additionally, we wanted all of our ionizers to look perfect in your kitchen…that’s why we spent years beautifying our machines to compliment any kitchen décor. From genuine stainless steel, to Smartphone screen technology… Tyent water ionizers allow you to get healthy while being a beautiful addition to your home.

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