Water Ionizer by Tyent - Beauty Water & Acidic Water Benefits

Alkaline water from a water ionizer is an amazing healthy beverage, but what about the acidic water? To discover the infinite uses of alkaline and acidic water go to www.tyentusa.com or call our friendly water ionizer experts at 855-893-6887. 
Everyone is talking about the amazing health benefits of alkaline water; however, that's just the tip of the iceberg. You don't just reap alkaline water benefits when you purchase a water ionizer, you get bonus points with acidic water too. 
Acidic water from a water ionizer is NOT for drinking. However by simply changing the selection on your Tyent water ionizer you can have acidic water for beautifying and sanitizing. Acidic water (Level 1 on your water ionizer) is so amazing for your skin and hair that it's even commonly referred to as "Beauty Water". Tyent water ionizers create the best Beauty Water. Any questions about Beauty Water and other amazing acidic water benefits? Simply visit the Tyent USA website at www.tyentusa.com or call our helpful personnel at 855-893-6887 to find out how to get the most from your Beauty Water. 
What can you do with Beauty Water? 
• Use Beauty Water as an alternative to mouthwash after brushing your teeth for fresh, clean breath and to kill off those nasty germs that lead to gum disease and tooth decay.
• With the same pH as your skin, Beauty Water makes a fantastic facial wash that naturally and effectively treats skin imperfections and fights the signs of aging.  
• Wash your hair with Beauty Water and see the difference it makes in the shine and condition of your hair.
Kristin Taylor, a Tyent water ionizer user from South Carolina, raves that "My skin has been so clear from drinking the ionized alkaline water and from using the Tyent beauty water as well!"
With Level 2 acidic water from your Tyent water ionizer you can naturally clean and soothe your family's "boo boos". Crank up your water ionizer to Turbo mode for acidic water you can sanitize your household services such as kitchen and bathroom counters and sinks. No more chemical fumes while you clean. Your lungs and your hands will love you for it. 
When looking for the perfect water ionizer to deliver all the alkaline water and acidic water benefits you desire, look no further than Tyent USA. They are the only water ionizer company to offer a 75-day trial period with a lifetime warranty. Tyent units are made with titanium plates dipped multiple times in platinum, unlike other water ionizer brands such as AlkaViva, Ionways Ultra Delphi, or Samsung's Vesta GL. Tyent units are manufactured in Korea, a country with stringent quality assurance guidelines to ensure outstanding quality. Other water ionizers, such as Air Water Life/Alive Water, are made with cheaper Chinese components. Still other water ionizer brands, such as LG Nexus X-Blue lack the company support and longevity of Tyent USA. Visit Tyent's website at www.tyentusa.com/everything-water-ionizers for a side-by-side comparison of water ionizers or give them a call at 855-893-6887.
Take advantage of all the incredible alkaline and acidic "beauty" water benefits today by visiting the Tyent USA website at www.tyentusa.com or calling our helpful customer service representatives at 855-893-6887 to order your very own water ionizer. There's also the very helpful water ionizer buyer's guide at http://tyentusa.com/everything-water-ionizers. This guide details all the fantastic alkaline and acidic water benefits available with a Tyent water ionizer.
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Tyent water ionizers also produces useful Acidic ionized water along with Healthy Alkaline water. 
But Acidic Water is not intended for drinking purposes; whereas it's used for cleaning, disinfecting the skin and polishing the household surfaces. 
Acidic Water is also called as beauty water and it's a safe and natural alternative for personal care products like Hair conditioners, Skin Care Products, Mouth Wash and harmful Bleach which can save you tons of money.
(Learn more about the Acidic Water benefits and its uses: http://tyentusa.com/wp/blog/alkaline-water/clean-green-ways-to-clean-and-sanitize-the-eco-friendly-way/ )
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