Tom House “The Throwing Doctor” on Tyent Alkaline Water

NFL superstars, including Tom Brady and Drew Brees go to see “the throwing doctor” for their “checkup”.

What is revealed?

SURPRISE! It’s actually just a few simple changes that most NFL pro athletes need to make in order to achieve big strides in their throwing quality. What is it? Not so fast…first I need you to know that it’s one of the smallest changes that Tom House endorses in his athletic training. This one itsy bitsy change actually makes the biggest impact.

What is it?

Tom House is clear in his testament to Tyent alkaline water (only from a Tyent Water Ionizer). He insists that all of the athletes that he trains do the following, “Hydrate early, hydrate often, but pH is important…an alkaline body recovers and heals faster than acidic body. I have a Tyent Water Ionizer in my house, so I am practicing what I preach.”

Amazing! Tom Brady made big strides in his throw while spending time with Mr. House. In fact, Tom House goes on to say the following about Tom Brady and the other athletes he trains, “The smart athletes use alkaline water.”

We agree…

And we only agree because of the truckloads of fan mail that we receive from our happy customers, which include celebrities, athletes, doctors and thousands of people who have experienced the real health results that only Tyent alkaline water can deliver.

Thank you Tom House for spreading the news about the amazing health and performance benefits that Tyent alkaline water.

P.S. Want to know the other 2 secret tips that Tom recommends to the athletes he trains? Check out the write up here:

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