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Alkaline Water Benefits & Amazing Uses of Tyent Water Ionizers

Alkaline water...what is so special about it? Contact our super-friendly staff at Tyent USA water ionizers anytime at 855-893-6887 or visit our informative website at to find out all the incredible alkaline water benefits and uses from our Tyent water ionizer machine. Tyent water ionizers are the best water ionizers on the market. We've all read or heard about alkaline water and its amazing health benefits, but there is so much more! Alkaline water, particularly from Tyent USA water ionizers, is special in a plethora of ways. 
See how our products outshine competitor brands, such as Kangen or Enagic and AirWaterLife water ionizers. 
Alkaline water is great for more than drinking. There are so many incredible alkaline water benefits that we'll just shine a light on a few here. Did you know that with the right water ionizer setting you can turn your regular tap water into the ultimate cleaning product -- turbo-charged alkaline water? Additionally, the Tyent water ionizer doesn't require chemicals to achieve a high alkaline water pH like Kangen water ionizers. No more expensive chemicals to polish and shine your household surfaces! 
Did you know that alkaline water can also better wash away the nasty herbicides and pesticides from your fruits and veggies? Most herbicides and pesticides are made to repel rain water so when you wash your food with regular water, it doesn't get rid of the chemicals at all. However, alkaline water quickly pulls the chemicals away from the food so you can serve fresh fruits and vegetables to your family without the worry of residual chemicals being ingested. Wow! All that just from a little water ionizer! 
Of course, there's all the amazing alkaline water benefits for your health, too. Read more about alkaline water specifically from water ionizers at ( and check out the Tyent USA buyer's guide at ( or call to talk with our highly knowledgeable sales staff at 855-893-6887.
So interested in changing your lifestyle to include alkaline water but unsure where to start researching water ionizers or how to use them? There is an abundance of information on alkaline water, water ionizers, and the multitude of alkaline water benefits and uses on the Tyent USA website ( or you can talk to our friendly customer representatives by calling 855-893-6887 anytime. They are always there to answer any questions you may have before and after your water ionizer purchase.
Once you've decided to reap the many alkaline water benefits for yourself and purchase a high quality water ionizer, Tyent USA will send you a free "Lifestyle Kit" with your water ionizer purchase that describes 50 great alkaline water benefits and uses. That's a $59.99 value for the ultimate alkaline water guide. This kit will help you learn all the great uses of the water ionizer and what alkaline water settings to utilize in order to obtain the plentiful alkaline water benefits. 
Tyent USA is the only water ionizer company to offer a 75-day trial period. We also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), as well as a lifetime warranty on all our alkaline water and water ionizer products.
Want to learn more about the amazing benefits of alkaline water and water ionizers? Don't wait. Call Tyent USA today at 855-893-6887 or visit our website to get started at
Some other interesting info about Tyent water ionizers is that the Turbo alkaline water produced by Tyent is great for cleaning, polishing surfaces and for removing stains too. The chemical properties of Alkaline water supports to eliminate pesticides and herbicides while cleaning the veggies to make it safe for consuming. 
Difference in using tap water and Turbo Alkaline water
When compared with tap water, the turbo alkaline water from Tyent cleans up the vegetables and fruits, thus by making it free from any pesticides and herbicides that are designed to repel rain water.  
Tyent water ionizers-enjoy the difference in your life and health with Tyent Water Ionizers and experience the Lifetime Guarantee with Tyent. 855-893-6887.
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