Tyent Rettin 11-Plate Under Counter Water Ionizer

Notice the healthy changes in your body, when you start drinking from Tyents all new 11 plate water ionizer model -- You will have more energy, Lose weight  or feel great in the improvement in your overall wellness.
The fact that this machine has 11 plate makes all the difference -- it means better pH level, More Antioxidants and a Faster Flow rate so that you have the most healthiest and the most hydrating water on the planet, dispensed twice as fast as any other alkaline water ionizer on the market. 
Tyent Rettin UCE 11 (Under Counter Water Ionizers) -- Has 11 Plates for faster and better ionization. Its touch sensitive control panel make it easy to use and will add center of attention to your kitchen.  
It's timeless look that fits perfectly in today's modern day core. If your house is more traditional you will have a welcomed conversation with new and stylish Tyent UCE 11. 
With Tyent Love at Guarantee -- You have 75 days to try it in your home to see for yourself that we are right. 
Tyent Retting Water Ionizers - http://tyentusa.com/products/ionizers
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