Tyent Water Ionizer: Water Cell Technology Explained

The best alkaline water and optimal health is what makes Tyent USA the leading water ionizer. Call 855-893-6887 or visit www.tyentusa.com to start your 75-day trial today. 
Tyent's platinum / titainium 11-plate water ionizers carry a lifetime warranty and Tyent has an A+ rating with the better business bureau. Plus, Tyent's 11-plate water ionizer is unsurpassed in the market and won the title Water Ionizer of the Year. 
Doctors and health experts agree that alkaline water is a powerful component to achieving optimal health. Water ionizers from Tyent have shown to beat out other brands in performance and alkaline water quality. In tests Tyent water ionizers out-performed competing water ionizer brands such as Enagic SD501, Air Water Life/Alive Water Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0, Chanson Miracle Max, AlkaViva's Athena and Delphi water ionizers, LG Nexus X-Blue water ionizer and the so-called Samsung Vesta GL. Beating out the Enagic SD-501/Kangen water ionizer without the use of chemicals was a true honor.
These brands cannot compete with Tyent's high quality construction, extensive lifetime warranty, and 75-day trial period. Tyent water ionizers produce the purest alkaline water available. Also, because of their construction our water ionizers do not need chemicals to ionize the water to produce alkaline water, as other water ionizers such as Enagic SD-501/Kangen require. 
That's why celebrities like Roger Daltrey, Jane Seymour and Rick Springfield won't settle for any other brand than Tyent USA. Plus, gym owners, like Dave Greene chose to provide his clientele with a Tyent water ionizer in the gym so his clients could get the most out of their alkaline water and fitness routines. Tyent alkaline water...the purest, healthiest and overall the best alkaline water available to stay ultra-hydrated and energized. Compare water ionizers at http://tyentusa.com/everything-water-ionizers.
Interested in selling water ionizers by becoming a water ionizer dealer? Adding a Tyent water ionizer in your business would be an extra added bonus for keeping customers happy, healthy, and hydrated. Doctors, health professionals and moms love giving their patients/family alkaline water because it helps fight the free radicals and toxins that invade your body and prohibit you realizing the full optimal health. After drinking alkaline water, your family or clients will realize the alkaline water benefits and appreciate having their very own water ionizer to help them reap the multitude of alkaline water benefits to give them the added energy boost to make it through the day.
With the Tyent water ionizer in your home, your family gets the most from having the best alkaline water right at their fingertips. Plus, Tyent's 11-plate water ionizer looks amazing in any kitchen décor. It's easy start spreading the many alkaline water benefits right away.
Owning a water ionizer is great for fitness enthusiasts too because alkaline water and fitness are a super-powered couple for getting the most from workouts. 
Not a gym guru? Well try combining alkaline water and fitness and you may just change your mind like many of our clients have. Like them, you will see the amazing results you will achieve in just a matter of a few days. Work hard and rehydrate with Tyent alkaline water for a healthier and more physically fit body!
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